I’ve been attempting to meditate for 10 minutes a day after reading Hurry Up & Meditate by David Michie. From my upbringing as a child I was brought to church on sundays, where over the years I learned to pray. Meditation is similar, but different. In prayer you have a conversation with yourself and god as to what you are praying for. However, in meditation you try to quiet the mind and listen to what thoughts end up popping up. You don’t judge the thoughts, but you simply listen and let them go. You may use counting the length of your inhale/exhale or repeating a mantra to help still your mind so that you are able to watch and listen to what it is actually thinking. Taking an objective observation to your thoughts instead of just doing what your mind thinks every time you have a thought helps to define your actions and untimately your destiny. As well, this practice helps to unplug and restore your brain. It is stated in Michie’s book that stress levels, which cause other health issues, have been reduced allowing the mind to assist the body’s return to a balanced healthy state. You train your mind to bring the body back to equilibrium or homeostasis, instead of a state of “dis-ease”. For those of you who would like to try meditation check out  Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s meditation challenge.



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