Sitting in my window seat and checking out the beautiful scenery below, I was interrupted by my neighbour. A greeting, hi my name is, what do you do, that lead to a conversation about yoga. The young man, an alleged christian, and half marathon athlete never dared to try yoga for fear of being unfaithful. However, I tried to sell him on yoga by doing my best to explain yoga as not a religion. Yes, some people practice asana/poses religiously, but that is not to say it is by definition a religion. Naturally, I suggested he try out Yoga Tune Up® because he explained he was an athlete. After the plane landed and we said our goodbyes, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made my point clear. I hoped I had opened up another door to this beautiful practice. Coincidentally, the same evening while at my hotel I finished reading The Path of The Yoga Sutras by Nicolai Bachman. In the last chapter, Kavaylia, he explains this topic concisely in a highly objective way. So, I wanted to share this with anyone interested… on yoga & religion:

“There are many paths to the same goal. The path of the Yoga Sutras, which can be considered scientific and/or religious, is only one. Every religion has its own ways of connecting with the divine and its own names for it, just as each culture has its own customs, rituals, and view of the world. Accepting other ways of living and allowing other people to pursue their own paths enables freedom of expression and promotes tolerance and peace. No religion or philosophy has exclusive access to that which is independent of all of them. Such thinking has caused significant conflict and violence throughout the course of history.”