“At the time of the Full Moon..The theme is between valuing self and how others value you. It is the power struggle between the Spiritual values (higher dimension) and Materialistic values of the mundane (physical) world… The center point is finding the balance for both in an appropriate healthy way. There is potential for rebirth, renewal and re-emergence after such a deep purge.

“The sign of Scorpio is a water sign and a fixed mode of expression of energy. There may be an intense or burning desire that runs deep to remain attached (emotionally) to or hold onto someone or something even if it is toxic or unhealthy. Surely addictive tendencies are strong now especially if you are using it to cope with emotional pain or insecurities.

“There can be a fear of letting go or of being out of control or a fear of feeling too much all at once. Though the letting go process is about releasing control and allowing the energy to flow…”

Since the New Year, I have noticed the full moon has been happening every second week, close to the 15th and every new moon to be at the start of each month. Knowing this cycle I have worked on myself and my personal goals, tuning into the Mystic Mama full moon blog posts for some insight. In doing this I noticed the law of attraction is working. A positive mind and outlook have been attracting positive things to unfold. For example, I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the Namaste TV production. Also, the organizing of the first ever Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival, September 6-7th, is almost finished and tickets will soon be available.  So, for all those out there wishing their dreams come true, I suggest using the cycle of the full moon and new moon to check in with yourself aligning your goals with your values creating the life you want to live.

May the blessing of this full moon in Scorpio be yours.

Om Shanti