Just picked up this all natural Pocket Pharmacy package from Saje. I was drawn into this store to purchase the peppermint halo. As suggested by a friend to it would help relieve menstrual cramps. I couldn’t believe the powerful effect. I was in excruciating pain from my cramps, pretty much bed ridden ready to pop a couple ibuprofen, I decided to try it out. After rolling the peppermint halo on my lower tummy (cramping area) and doing a 2o minute gentle tummy massage I was feeling a lot better. I have never been one to take medication, and this solidified my belief in natural healing remedies. It is well known that all medicine is derived from plants. Within this package there are additional natural remedies including aromatherapy for the immune and digestion systems, as well as for stress and pain relief. I have decided to turn to aromatherapy and will carry this wherever I may travel.