It seems like light years since I filmed for the new series of instructional yoga videos for Namaste TV. My experience was one that was very interesting, to say the least. It almost seemed like a reality show/teacher training with tons of new poses and sequences to learn and a camera crew with hair/make-up and wardrobe all working together within what was known as ‘organized chaos’.

Many memories were brought back to me as we traveled to different shooting locations. We started in Squamish, BC where I had grown up as a kid. Here I recall looking a Mount Garibaldi and thinking “as a kid would I have ever imagined I would be here, right now, filming for a yoga TV show?” The answer is no, I totally thought I would become a figure skater! Ha. It’s funny where life takes you.

Then we had a day of filming in Golden Ears Park. A place I heard of for many years, because my family business is managing and maintaining BC Parks on the Sunshine Coast. I found it ironic that I was working within another BC Park, but in a completely different way. I guess it is not a bad thing to know how things work from many different aspects. Knowledge is infinite.

Finally taking the show on the road was quite the testament of patience in working within the elements. First we started in Merritt where I had camped as a teen with my pen-pal friend (what I did to stay in touch before the creation of Facebook). I had not visited this town in over a decade, and it really changed a lot. Funny I got lost on a morning run with my fellow fellow yogini cast member Michelle. While filming in the interior of BC, I couldn’t help but to appreciate the difference in vegetation and scenery. It’s no wonder British Columbia became the Hollywood North.

The most fascinating locations, one of which I don’t think I would have ever visited, was The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in Penticton, BC. This was the second largest observatory in North America where scientists watched the Universe; and we got to practice yoga there! This place was one in which we were not allowed cell phones or any other powered sources such as generators etc., because they might have disrupted the radio frequencies that the scientists were recording to translate data in order to “watch” the Universe. CRAZY, I know.

Overall, I am grateful for this amazing opportunity. I not only met a great group of yoginis who will be life long friends, but I also gained insight to the world of film and have continued my relationship with Trisko Talent Management.

Here are some photos from this journey..

Rehearsals at Harbour Dance



Lunch breaks from rehearsals spent at the Law Courts designed by Architect Arthur Erickson


Minaty Bay, Britannia Beach


Alouette Lake, Golden Ears Provincial ParkIMG_5750

A closer shot of the set at Aloutte Lake, Golden Ears Provincial Park


Spanish Banks, Vancouver


Random message at Spanish Banks?!


Hanging out with the other yoginis 🙂


View from The Rosewood Hotel Georgia when filming at the Vancouver Art Gallery. IMG_5801


Somewhere in the wild wild west, Penticton IMG_5877