Here are the five Kleshas, which make us feel as if we are unable to live freely. By understanding each and working this awareness into our day to day interactions and thoughts you might notice positive shifts in your life.

Along with my notes I have included a short video by Annie Carpenter, who provides an excellent explanation for each of the 5 Kleshas. ~Namaste

1. Avidya – mis-knowing and ignorance (a sense of losing the ‘self’ and divine nature connection’)

2. Asmita – Ego, selfishness (love of power instead of the power of love, and staying humble in your ‘self’ identity)

3. Raga – Attachment to pleasure, fear of change (the pursuit of relations, knowledge, wealth, status, power, or ‘climbing the ladder’)

4. Dvesha – Aversion to pain, also ‘the hate which follows pain’ (inability to let go and move forward then once forced to let go having resentment or hate)

5. Abhinivesha – Fear of death (attachment to the body, thinking we are our bodies and once we die the fear of no longer existing)