On this new moon in Aquarius I will be setting new goals. Whether you love Astrology or not, it is a good habit to regularly check in with your goals, clarifying intentions, looking truthfully at what works.  As many know along the road to achieving your big dream you must remember there will be ups and downs, set-backs and some discouraging moments. You have to keep faith, which can only be done with clear intentions. If you are not clear with the intention of your dream then it most likely will lead to failure (which may be a good thing because each failure leads us closer to success). In my own experience I have found that throughout the last year by tuning into my dreams on both the Full Moon (to let go of what no longer serves me) and New Moon (to begin creating new goals and clarifying intentions) I have come a long way in my journey. So tonight I celebrate the passionate pursuit in setting clear intentions and going beyond “the invisible wall of fear” towards the journey of catching dreams. images-1

My New Moon Rituals:

* Journal Writing – clearing my mind by free writing and forming goals written on paper
* Reading – A small blurb of what I read this evening…

It was hard to leave my Comfort Zone. But it would have been even harder to leave behind my Dream, and I’m glad I didn’t. I still don’t feel worthy or able to do my Dream, but the Dream Giver has pronounced to help me. Now I know a secret: I can “take courage,” even when I feel afraid. My Big Dream was on the other side of that invisible Wall of Fear. I had to step through it. I didn’t think I could, but I did. ~ Bruce Wilkinson The Dream Giver

* Yoga (restorative, yin, gentle hatha for evening unwinding)
* Meditation 10 minutes
* Pranayama – Nadi Shodna to balance yin + yang
* Sutra study – Tonight… from the Radiance Sutras:

Breathing is the flow of the divine,
Where the rythms of life turn into each other —
The eternal exchange.

Pour one breath into the other,
Outreach into the in breath
Into the outbreath

Awaken to equanimity,
At peace in the play of opposites.

* Playing with my Goddess Oracle Cards