This is one of the most potent new moons in 2015… so be prepared to feel emotional and begin planting your seeds because the Spring Equinox is also upon us. Here is an excerpt from mystic mamma’s insightful post

“Let it go: regret or shame, sorrow or sadness for chances now gone. They were not for you or me this time around.
“New ones await us the other side of the darkened Sun. They hold promise of wisdom and hope of freedom from all that held us back before.
“The cosmic clock continues to tick-tock its way through our awakening as our hearts synchronize to respond, this time without hesitation, heeding the call of the divine to prioritize truth above all.”

At this pivotal time I find myself once again entering a journey to take my yoga practice deeper. This is for personal healing and to embody what I learn to share with others in my yoga teachings. I am very excited and scared at the same time, because I don’t know the end result. But I do know I have the most amazing support. I will begin the first 100 hours this coming week of the 300 hour Santiseva teacher training at Loka Whistler/Jivamukti Whistler with one of my teachers Tina James. I will also meet my new ND tomorrow at Sequoia Naturopathic Centre here on the Sunshine Coast, BC. And so it begins… New Moon Blessings Xo