Another Full Moon, an extraordinary one to be blessed with. I find myself in a time of many changes which I must adapt to. These are all really healthy, and have been germination for some time. It seems fit that during a full moon, one as potent as this, the perfect time to bloom has arrived. 

I was brought to the edge of “the boundaries of the earth” on the first module of the Shantiseva Hridaya teacher training. This took place at Loka Yoga, in Whistler BC,with the beautiful Tina James and Victoria Grace. From day one I was delightfully surrounded with the most amazing peers whom made the ten days seem like a magical yoga bubble, of which I never wanted to leave. We all managed to wake each morning for our Sadhana practice at 6-8:30 am. We began with traditional Ashtanga practice, then moved to Jivamukti, and later tried blind folded yoga and ended with an amazing 108 sunsalutations. I once again experienced yoga as a form of moving medtiation. Lost in the waves of transitioning in and out of poses meanwhile floating along with the breath and enjoying the relaxation of my monkey mind into a deep peaceful state. Along with our daily practice we reviewed anatomy of our breath, Ayurveda, vegan diet, activism, yoga assists, and took time to workshop a few transitions and yoga poses. Oh and I can’t forget trying out the yoga wall! Each evening we gathered to chant in our whites, which solidified the power of music and mantra. This brought my love of singing back…and reminded me of the days I spent with my mother as a child at church. 

I am still a bit speechless about this experience. When I had bumped into a local teacher on the Coast I didn’t have many words to explain it. She knew that words couldn’t explain this experience and simply hugged me. 

I am so grateful for this beautiful yoga family, whom I will cherish in all my practices and can’t wait to reconnect with. They have shown me what it means to be free.

Many blessing on this full moon! From my spirit animal, The Fox…

Adapt to the changes which are occurring. 


Here are some Astralogical insights by Mystic Mamma 

Om Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu ~ May all being everywhere be happy and free