Yogas Citta Vrtti Nirodhah ~ Patanjali Yoga Sutras I.2

When you stop identifying with your thoughts fluctuations of mind, then there is Yoga, identity with Self, wich is samadhi, happiness, bliss, and ecstacy. 

When we dive into the depths of our mind space, we begin to meditate. By becoming a witness to our thoughts we practice yoga. To begin we might try Identifying our thoughts as past, future, or present instead of allowing us to identify with them and act upon them. Our thoughts are never ending and these can not be silenced. Sometimes we ask ourselves to silence our minds but this is impossible. However, what Patanjali asks of us is to stop thinking we are every thought that crosses our mind. Allowing us to connect to the higher frequencies which allow ourselves to see the capital S, self developing more peace, happiness, and ecstacy. In this mind space where we sit in greater awareness of our thoughts we may begin to let go of identifying with our body and become connected to everything else that exists. Barriers become broken down and the veil between mind, body, and spirit become transparent.

Scientifically Harvard University has begun studies on the positive affects of meditation.

Here is a link to this article.

Practices for meditation:

  • Take a silent meditative walk – turn your awareness to the sights and sounds of nature and begin to notice your thoughts as they come up.
  • Take a comfortable seat or lay down, close your eyes, slow the breath, relax the body, and watch the mind space allowing yourself to not act upon any particular thought noticing these dissolve in time. Build up your time here, starting with 5 minutes, 10, 15, 20 etc.
  • Allow your yoga practice to be a moving meditation where you can learn to fly and levitate. Let your body transition from each pose by following the breath and floating gracefully into the next posture. So on an inhale rise, on an exhale lower, pause in each pose for up to 5 breaths noticing the mind space allowing the transition of each pose to be as graceful as possible.
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