Once in a blue moon You find the lesson, And emerge from the darkness… To see the illuminated gifts. Sometimes it has to happen twice, For you to see it in the light. If you are lucky, you see it right away. Often we hold a veil, Over our own reality. The truth is we are blessed. From the balance… Between siva and shakti; The masculine and feminine. The sun and moon dance This balance of darkness and light Giving life A divine gift.

We often find ourselves with lessons in life that seem unbearable. I have personally, like many others, experienced the loss of a loved one and some serious medical conditions that seem as if a curse had come over me. However, through my growing awareness for change and knowing I needed a persistent yoga practice I have come out the other end. A sigh of relief as I write this. Looking back I have felt a spectacle of feelings ranging from grief, depression, anger, jealousy, hopelessness and all the others that drag you down to a dark and dreary place to joy, happiness, bliss, and love. It has not always been easy, but the best lessons are not easy. It has taken patience and time for these lessons to come into the sunshine from the darkness transforming into precious gifts. For anyone going through a tough time may you have faith that it will all be ok in the end, and hope for a change that will come. Full moon Blessings, ~Judy

Practices for this full moon:

  • Take some time in nature and preferably near water. Go to a lake, beach, river or creek and just sit and notice the sights and sounds and your thoughts and feelings. Don’t hold on to any one particular thought simply be.
  • Read up on the blue moon. I often read Mystic Mamma
  • Do your yoga practice, preferably a heart opening vinyasa practice
  • Take an epsom salt bath while listening to some relaxing and inspiring tunes
  • Reflect, write in a journal and get the noisy thoughts out on a page. You can burn these later or throw this out as long as you have purged your thoughts to help let go