“…evolution is circular not linear- and there are times we loop back over lessons we learned previously so we can take our mastery of them deeper.” Mystic Mamma Astral Insights

Although this post is a little past the date of the New Moon on October 12th, it is still significant. It doesn’t matter how late you begin to do the inner work or if you have to go over the same lessons until it is mastered. What is important is the journey and the work you put in to awakening that counts.

I’ve been feeling huge changes happening in my life, and to feel uncomfortable is normal. People often get stuck in a rut and don’t know why they are not happy. It takes courage to break free and make the changes needed, although it will be uncomfortable. A good friend of mine reminds me that change is the only thing in life that is constant. So I guess this means we are never really going to feel 100% comfortable. Maybe the lesson in life is to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable? This is something I would rather do than be comfortably numb.

Anyways, new moon blessings. May you set your intentions and plant seeds for growth. My seed this time around is to be more conscious of my female moon cycles, sitting through my emotions, and to be comfortable with not being comfortable.