This new moon is again going along with the many changes being experienced this fall. Here are a few points from Mystic Mamma’s astral insights which I have resonated with.

Death and Rebirth are part of her cyclical dance and on the 11*11 portal, we are being called to trust our deepest instincts and walk through the door of self-mastery, I and I, at ONE with the shifting tides,

This is a cycle of completions and new beginnings…

  • What are you completing?
  • What doors are opening up for you?
  • Where are you ready to go to the next level?

For myself these are what I have come up with…

  1. I am completing a chapter of my life where I had been dedicated to helping with family affairs the past five years after my father had passed away, which caused me much stress and health issues.
  2. A healthy and happy lifestyle in the mountains are now beginning for me as I relocate myself to my hometown, Squamish, BC.
  3. I am ready to begin teaching regular karma classes in Squamish, create new fundraiser events, and a retreat next fall!

“We are all self-healing. The intertwining snakes (Scorpio) of the caduceus on a healing staff are the classic archetype for the medical professions.”

This part of the astral insights is very true. After about six months of working on my health with a Naturopath and through the process of my 300 hour Shantiseva teacher training it has been proved we are able to heal ourselves naturally so long as we find the right teachers to guide us and are persistent. I will write more on this journey to health soon.

“As the cycle unfolds, maintain your relationship. When the bright leaves of your tree go brown and fall to the ground, observe how your own transformation is progressing.”

I absolutely love this one insight. Fall is one of my favourite seasons because of the noticeable change in the colour of the leaves. It has always been a time of contemplation for me as we step into the darkness of winter and enter the change of seasons.

New Moon Blessings!