Evolution is an Intelligent Plan… or is it?

There are those who believe that the next evolution of human consciousness will be to transfer our consciousness out of the physical body and into computers that are immortal. We already see body and brain parts being replaced with computer-operated spares. Some hold that the intelligence of the computers will soon far exceed their human creators intelligence – making human beings completely obsolete. Are we witnessing evolution at work? Or, are we evolving ourselves out of the picture? Stephen Hawking said, “Artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” He believes that super computers may design new weapons that we will annihilate ourselves with. ~David Life

This is something to seriously think about. How much will technology control your life in the fast and furious development of the tech world? Will this actually be beneficial to society and your day to day or as a whole will this make you more distracted from what really makes you happy? There is a thing called technological determinism. This is how technology affects a person. Does it make a person’s life more efficient and better off or worse. It is known that technology can actually have a negative affect. Many people are now waking to their smart phone and going to bed with it too. This is known to altar sleep patterns as the light emitted can mess with your hormones making it more difficult to fall asleep. This is because the body needs the time of dusk when the light fades to wind down.

Anyways, I agree with what David is stating in this focus of the month. I think technology may have the capability to make us “annihilate ourselves”. Let’s try to complicate things less and just BE.