The last new moon of the year! Go deep within to discover the truth, take courage. New moon blessings…

“The New Moon square Chiron has an important reminder for us… We don’t want to be going for it or embracing opportunities to grow expand as a means to cover up wounds and pain we have that source from deep within (going back to childhood and even past lives).

If buying x, y, or z or marketing ourselves or telling people how great we are is merely a cover up for low self worth or lack of self-love- it will come through the veneer put on the surface of things.

Chiron reminds us that we all have wounds and pain and even the most glittery picture perfect people with 1 million instagram followers have bad days, insecurities, shadow and inner suffering to navigate in their own lives.

When our outer persona is a mask we wear to hide our inner reality and Truth ~ we are challenged to look and see where we have been only focusing on the surface…” ~Kelly Rosano, Mystic Mamma astral insights 

Take a few moments this full moon to slow down and journal answering these questions for yourself.

  1. What do I most fear?
  2. Am I being honest?
  3. How can I work past this imagined fear?
  4. Where have I been this past year?
  5. What wounds must I heal?(physical, mental, emotional)
  6. Where do I want to go in the next year?
  7. What are the steps I must take to see my vision through, to the end?
  8. How can I go with the flow along this journey?

~Namaste, Judy