“The word remember is an extraordinary word. It means “to make a member again, to put back together.”

It is important to reflect on the good things we have experienced in our lives. That’s how goodness gets strengthened, by remembering it. Remembrance is very powerful. The past does not exist outside the present moment. When we remember something, we bring it into the present moment and give it life. The more we remember it, the more alive it becomes and the more power it has. We all have this skill—the magical skill to resurrect the past. All we have to do is remember it. But this skill is very powerful, and it doesn’t discriminate—whatever we remember we bring to life. So we must work very hard to remember the good things and let go of the bad things. We all make mistakes, and we all do things we come to regret. Sometimes, through our remembrance, we even discover mistakes that other people have made. We must be careful not to dwell on this kind of negativity, though, because if we remember it, it will be continually renewed. If we remember the bad things, then there will be bad things in the world and in our lives. By the same token, if we forget the good things, then we will not have them in the world or in our lives.

~ David Life

This month’s focus is coming in a little late, but I feel it is an excellent focus to help kick off the new year. I’ve been known to get into ruts of negative thinking, which I am sure others can relate. I’ve found when I watch my thoughts and increase the awareness of whether it is a positive or negative thought this helps open the door to choosing which way to think. I believe our thoughts create our reality, in knowing this it can act as a powerful tool in shaping much of what unfolds in our lives. Of course bad things happen, it is how we react to these events. When I studied communications I learned this relates to shaping the “self”. Humans have the capability of comparing ourselves and thinking to our past and future and not just our instant needs the present moment. Having this capability, humans often lean to the negative.  We are known to use about 10% of our brain’s capability. So often humans become depressed about past events in our lives or anxious of how the future will unfold leading to unhappy and unhealthy lives. Many people state its best to just be in the now. I agree to be in the present moment as often as possible, but the thought processes of past and future never really go away. What we can learn to do is to think more positively rather than negatively about things of the past or future, or even what is happening in the now.

How about giving it a try and journaling the experiences day to day to look back and see how this works out?

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