We can find new life by shadow work. We can tap a bright path forward which bases itself upon digesting and assimilating and metabolizing every previous cycle, especially in it’s harshest lessons and heaviest self-confront.

“We are able to go as far in an expansive direction as our previous contractions paved the way for. And somehow we know this.

“For we find it is the fertile mistakes, the major errors and excuses which pull us most deeply through into a new life here in the earth. ~ Ellias Lonsdale Star Spark

I feel this Full Moon is about major changes from all the chaos that has happened in the last moon cycle. With the planets in alignment and coming out of the shit storm we were just in, this will be like the lotus flower blooming from the muddy waters or like the light that shines through the cracks. Am I being to metaphorical? From the last Full Moon, there was a lot of chaos happening and with mercury in retrograde we have not only dealt with heavy energy on top of the hectic holidays but past relations have been in review. I have spoken to two girlfriends who have had old boyfriends call out of the blue. If you don’t believe this stuff, begin to pay attention and you may begin to notice things with a little more clarity. After all we are made up of the same elements as stardust. If you would have asked me to believe the moon affected our lives directly seven years ago I most likely would have said no, it is bullshit. But honest to god, the full moon energy is real but you need to work slowly at synching with the frequency of this energy. Like any athlete perfects their skills for their sport, or an artist their brush stroke, or anything really, it takes practice and patience. Beware, the end result may not lead to where you thought it would. But that is the mystery of this thing called life.

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Full Moon Blessings, may you be well.