*NEW MOON* in Aquarius, the water bearer. She brings forth a cleansing, the fresh winds blowing heralding change ahead.  We re-focus our vision and open up to the yielding energies of her deep and penetrating truths. That’s where the gold lies. Tap the source to access our original fount. With vision and focus we can let it flow. And into the New Monkey Year we go! ~ Mystic Mamma 
“…It is highly recommended to work with this New Moon in a different way than you would typically do so. Instead of focusing on intentions, calling things in and taking conscious action- perhaps you can stand in a place of opening, receptivity and fluidity– allowing the current of the New Moon to take you somewhere new of it’s own accord?
“It’s also recommended to use the Aquarius/Uranus energy to radically shift your life from the inside out first– rather than focusing on the outside and thinking it will change the within.” ~ Divine Harmony

Happy first New Moon of 2016. It feels more like new year to me than ever before. Last weekend I spent in Victoria at the Victoria Yoga Conference sharing the love of yoga with our west coast community. I left feeling inspired to take a leap of faith. It is important to recognize in our life what inspires and how to follow that inspiration to create our unique gifts to share with the world. During the next few weeks I will be digging deep, opening up to grace, and creating something beautiful to share!

New Moon Blessings!

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