This full moon in Virgo is less about change and more about acceptance. How can you surrender to what is? Attempt to be ‘ok’ with the imperfections of your life. Enjoy and be grateful, knowing you are exactly where you need to be. xo ~Judy

Here is a slice of what Chani Nicholas has to say about this full moon.

The week of February 22nd opens up with an exacting full moon in Virgo at 10:20 AM PST. A hard-working earth sign, Virgo can go overboard with its need to get things right, perfect and precise. Virgo can spend all its time worrying over what is not done, what is not in place and what does not belong.

But Virgo is also known for its ability to uphold the natural order of things, Virgo’s keen sensibility for streamlining and making sense out of a mess harkens back to the profound wisdom of the earth itself. Virgo wants to find efficiency because it is the most intelligent option. Virgo wants to find the home for all things lost. Virgo understands the innate order, the flawless mathematics and the subtle splendor of organisms at work. Nothing in nature is wasted. Nothing is without a purpose.

None of us are.

Knowing that we are of this earth, born from the wise order of the universe, is enough to know that nature doesn’t make anything without a purpose. If we are here, nature has called us here for a reason. That reason is our responsibility to discover but we can have faith that the reason fits like a crown of glory around our soul.