Eclipses are doorways to alternative realities, an interlude in the rush of life where we can turn in new directions. In the past few years, we’ve had a series of eclipses in Aries and Libra and this is the last of that series.
“Aries and Libra deal with issues of identity and interconnection. Who am I in relationship to Others? We’ve had a few years to mull that one over and hopefully we’ve emerged from an ‘every man for himself’ attitude to ‘what happens to me also happens to you‘ sense of connection…”
“Listen to your intuition and inner guidance. Trust is important now…”
“Our collective paradigm of life will shift from our individual needs to our communal needs. This doesn’t take away from our individual and unique talents; rather it asks us to contribute them to the greater whole.
“We are not going back to a time of tribal consciousness—where the family or tribe makes decisions for individuals, but we are going forward to a consciousness where each individual’s needs are conditioned by the needs of the group as a whole.
“It makes us better people when we take others into consideration. As a matter of fact, women do it all the time. It seems to be part of our genetic makeup.
“When women lead in business and government, the needs of the many are always considered…It’s time for our New Story to begin. Leave the past behind and begin to live your inner truth…”

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