Hi! I’m Judy Swens a health nut based in Pemberton, BC. A short drive just north of Whistler, BC. Thanks for getting to know me!

(BA – Communications, 200 + 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training, and Thai Cupping Therapy)

Judy has always been curious and loves to live creatively with the flow of life. She is always learning and dreaming of traveling to new places. Deeply inspired by nature Judy grew up along the Sea to Sky and Sunshine Coast spending most of her time in Provincial Parks, because taking care of parks was the family business. She is of mixed race, her mother Filipino and father Dutch. She has frequently visited the Philippines and completed her BA in communications at the University of Amsterdam.

In times of transition when feeling lost, or in times of grief, or when faced with health issues yoga was the key to getting grounded and healthy again. Studying yoga Judy found a practice that can bring awareness to heal whatever it is that needs healing. This doesn’t mean yoga is the be all and end all to a health care plan. Yoga has also shown her how to tolerate what can’t be healed, learning to accept what is. Yoga has become a foundation for living a creative life, full of purpose.

Judy’s classes are steeped in tradition, but fresh with the present moment. In each class she is considerate of each student’s requests and abilities. Her flexibility and intuitive communication are what make each class unique. She is grateful for the many teachers and students that she has practiced with over the years. She thanks Dan Clement for introducing her to becoming a compassionate teacher aware of alignment, Tina Pashumati James for her continuous inspiration and honesty, and Manju Pattabhi Joice for keeping the traditions of yoga real.

Judy is also thankful for the places yoga has brought her, and the beautiful people she has met along the way. Get in touch by sending an email to swensyoga@gmail.com, or follow her on facebook and instagram.

Manju Ashtanga Intensive